Food Supplements for Vegans in Germany

Susanne Glass German Shop Food Supplements For VegetarianFood Supplements for Vegans in Germany – Informations! Living a vegan lifestyle can be quite challenging at best. Including certain elements in your diet, that can usually only be found in meat products, or products that have been processed with animal originators can be difficult. In order to remain healthy, supplements must be added in replacement of animal by-products. Some stubborn vegans will insist that you can get all the nutrients and vitamins necessary by just consuming whole plant foods. This urban myth is simply just that, a myth. The truth is, you might be able to get some nutrients from items that you consume, but you will never get the proper amount. There are several types of food supplements for vegans available. You just need to know what you are looking for.

Supplements that are important for well-being are:
• Iodine – generally found in dairy products which vegans do not consume. Iodine is used to regulate your metabolism, and maintains healthy thyroid function. You can get your iodine fix from consuming iodized salt, from sea vegetables, and from vitamins such as tablets made from kelp. Just like anything, too much of it can be harmful. Be sure to monitor your intake.

• Calcium – Again, calcium is also found in dairy products, but it can also be found in certain vegetables. Calcium content is also available in soy and almond milk. Some brands even contain a higher amount of calcium then regular milk. Calcium supplements taken in vitamin form are also available such as Cal-Mag Citrate.

• Iron – A very important nutrient that needs to be added to the vegan diet. Iron is tough nutrient to incorporate into your diet, even for Omnivores. Vegan foods that contain high iron contents include lentils, beans, soybeans, leafy green vegetables, oatmeal, and nuts. As with any nutrients, this as well can be taken in tablet form called Vegan Iron. Adding too much Iron could cause elevated blood-iron levels, and can be toxic.

• Vitamin D – Of course if you spend countless hours in the sun you will probably meet your quota for Vitamin D, but chances are you won’t; besides, too much sun could cause skin cancer. Another way for you to add Vitamin D to your diet is to include vitamin supplement. Most Vitamin D supplements extract their contents from animal sources. There is, however a vegan supplement that contain D2 instead of the more common D3. Food sources for Vitamin D are fortified dairy products for Vegans such as soy milk. Mushrooms also contain ergocalciferol which is vitamin D2. Exposing mushrooms to UV rays dramatically increase the content of vitamin D.

• B-12 – There are many vegan foods available that are laced with B-12. B-12 is an important vitamin that can be found in such vegan friendly foods such as plant milks, cereals, fortified yeasts, and yogurts. Some vegans prefer to take this supplement by mouth to ensure they are receiving the proper dosages.

Adding food supplements to a vegan diet will ensure that you are able to maintain your lifestyle while remaining healthy.
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