8 Reasons Why Blogging Is Still Relevant

When social media like Facebook took off and spawned the age of saying more with less than 145+ characters people thought that Blogging would die. Of course these are people who view the art of blogging as more than just a way to keep a diary but judging by the kind of success that some people launched their writing careers or have become popular culture pundits through Blogging, it is still a pretty big deal. According to some obscure source there are currently 164 million blogs and most of them are considered to be successful if they can manage to attract a 1000 visitors a month. It’s a sad truth but there it is, there aren’t that many people who are interested in your daily musings about cats or how to make money online.

There are a lot of blogs that are complete failures despite having good content that should generate some sort of interest. So what if you put your heart and soul into writing about something that you are infinitely passionate about only to end up with 3 subscribers (if any) at the end of the year? Work at keeping those three subscribers and the odd comments you get because someone forwarded something you wrote by writing more. Yes, create content even if no one is reading it at the time.

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1. Blogging to find a job

If you want reasons why blogging is still relevant just consider how much of our lives we spend on the Internet and on social media platforms. Having an online personality has become a phenomenon that is used in the real world. For instance some companies will actually do a background check on the digital footprints you leave. So if you are going to look for a job in a particular field, you may gain some advantage by using a blog to showcase your interest and knowledge of that particular industry. Blogging is still a popular and effective way to achieve a positive online presence.

2. You can Use Blogging to start a business

Most blogs are about hobbies or they are spaces created to vent or share thoughts and experiences with whoever is interested. People have found inspiration to venture out into business by expanding on what they were blogging so passionately about. Think about Fashion Bloggers who are able to take their sense of style to the masses, who influence trends by simply writing about style, designers and the world of fashion at large. There are many stories of people who went on to bigger things by turning blogging from a hobby into a business. It takes time, dedication and yes –a vision.

3. Using your blog to get clients

Using your blog to get clientsIt is common these days for companies to have a blogging section on their website. However, this section is often neglected and you find old posts and information that is not altogether relevant and in sync with what the rest of the website is saying. Clever website owners use the blogging sections to keep their interactions with potential and existing customers fresh even if there is no new product launch to announce. Doing that gives people the sense that there are actual people working in your business who care about their needs and are interested in knowing what the customer wants and engaging with them. Sure, you can always update your Twitter status, Instagram or Facebook but a blog is more liberating. It allows you to delve deeper into a subject and give the allure that you are an expert in the field.

4. Use your Blog to improve your writing skills

Every writer knows that to master the skill of writing you need to write as often as possible. To improve your writing you need to give it time everyday, even if you don’t have that much to say.

5. Using your Blog to be a Published writer

Getting published was harder a couple of decades ago. You could spend years perfecting a 50000 manuscript only to have it rejected. In the Blogosphere you are the editor and the readers are your critics not some publishing house with its own agenda that your manuscript is not suitable for. Furthermore, those same published houses gauge the influence your work will have if you already have an audience from your blog posts.

6. With Blogging you get immediate feedback

With Blogging you get immediate feedback, which will help you write better for those people you want to reach. Again, this comes in the ideal world where out of those 164 million blogs on the Internet yours is able to get more than 1000 subscribers a month. As much as you share ideas with readers as a blogger, your readers need to share their own ideas with you. These can help shape the tone and style of your next posts and help you know what topics your audience is interested in.

7. Using Blogging to gain Influence and to establish you as an expert in a field

BloggingYou have a better chance of having your thoughts on how to change the world by blogging than by joining a political party. As a Blogger, you may be part of the masses but be able to separate yourself by presenting what you actually think, not what the masses are saying. A successful blog should showcase your knowledge in a specific field; it should be to go to place for people needing information on a specific subject. The fact that people seek you out gives you some sort of power to influence how people see and think about things. You may find yourself being quoted on certain topics. This could help advance your career or open opportunities you wouldn’t have been able to if you were not a passionate, knowledgeable blogger.

8. Blogging as a form of self-expression

So far, blogging has been presented in a formal way but more often than most bloggers write about things they cannot voice out. It does not have to be a blog about architecture or climate change, you could just write about the things you hate to do in the morning.

The bottom line on the subject of why people should still blog is that blogs can educate, inspire and bring people together.